Department of Health


People with dementia have memory loss and may be confused and may not know where they are. This can cause bladder control and bowel problems.

People with dementia lose control of their bladder or bowel because they:

  • Forget where to find the toilet
  • Forget how to undo their clothes
  • Forget what to do when they get to they toilet.

They may also forget how to clean themselves or and forget how to wash their hands after toileting.

People with dementia can experience bladder and bowel control problems for other reasons, such as urinary tract infections or an enlarged prostate gland. These problems will make the person's bladder and bowel problems worse if not found and treated.

What can I do?

There is help available to you if you are a caring for someone with dementia that has bladder or bowel control problems, contact your local doctor. For further information see: