Department of Health


The following booklets and other resources are available from the Continence Foundation of Australia:

The following items are available by downloading the Order Form and faxing it to National Mailing and Marketing:

  • Solving Common Bowel Problems - for people with spinal cord injury this shows how to improve bowel function, including having a bowel management program in place.  It also details different bowel problems that can occur with spinal cord injuries and provides information on ways to manage these.
  • Sleepovera fun and interactive book for parents and children about childhood bed-wetting.  It can be read as a story or used as a colouring activity.  The resource discusses many issues associated with bed wetting including embarrassment, frustration and isolation as well as commitment, achievement, trust and support.

The following items can be ordered from the relevant organisation:

Brochures and Factsheets

Brochures about bladder and bowel health can be found on the Brochures page. Factsheets are also available in English and other languages on the Factsheets page.

To request hard copies of these resources, you can contact the National Continence Helpline on 1800 330 066 or download the Order Form and fax to National Mailing and Marketing.