Department of Health

Toileting and school

It is important for children to feel positive about using the toilet at school. This is particularly important during the primary school years, where healthy habits for eating, drinking and bladder and bowel awareness are being formed for life.

Parents need to be aware that going to the toilet at school can be a problem for some children. As a result, some children will 'hold on' and not use the toilet at school. This can lead to health problems, such as constitipation.

Parents should talk to their children about what it is like going to the toilet at school. You should make sure they go to the toilet when they need. Let them know that 'holding on' until they get home can be bad for their health. Children should drink enough water during the day, particularly when they are playing outside with friends. Parents should also be aware that often bullying can occur around the school toilets.

Remember that having the right bladder and bowel habits at an early stage can stop problems from happening later in life.