Pads, clothes, bedding

to help if you are wet

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Pads, clothes and bedding to help if you are wet

Continence products help to catch leaking pee and poo and keep you dry.

This means you are not shamed when you are with other people.

What you can use

Throw away (disposable) pads and pants

  • These can be small pads for small leaks, or big pads for big leaks.
  • They can stick on to undies that are stretchy.
  • Pads need to fit well. They need to fit close to the body to stop leaks and feel good.
  • They can be big or small pull-ups, like undies.

How to throw away pads

Wrap the wet pads in plastic or a paper bag and put in the rubbish bin.

Do not flush them down the toilet.

Throw away pants

Washable pads and pants

  • These pads are made of material like clothes, but are very thick to soak up the pee.
  • They can be washed and dried and used again.
  • You can get washable pants for men, women and kids.
Washable pants

Clothes that help

  • Clothes with no buttons, zips or belts are easier to pull up and pull down.
  • Elastic waists are good.
Loose fitting clothes

Things to keep the bed dry

Bed pads (sheet covers)

  • These lie on top of the sheet, under the person.
  • The pee soaks into the thick material and does not wet the bed or make it smell bad.
  • It helps to keep the person dry.
  • Try and get a bed pad with plastic on the back because it will keep the bed dry.
Bed pads

Mattress covers

There are 2 types:

  • one that fits on top of the mattress like a fitted sheet, and
  • one that the whole mattress slides into, like a big pillow cover.

Pillow covers

These stop the pee from going through to the pillow.

Doona covers

These stop the pee from going into the doona.

Chair pads

These help keep the chair dry.

Chair pads

Other sorts of toilets:

  • special bottle/urinal for men to pee in
  • commode (chair toilet), and
  • bed pan.
  • Condom drainage

    • Men can use this instead of pads.
    • This fits over the penis and collects the pee.
    • The pee flows down, through a tube and into a plastic bag strapped to the leg.
Bottle for pee amd commode

Getting these products

  • You can buy these products in supermarkets, chemists and special shops.
  • Talk to your health worker, nurse or doctor about which products are good for you, and where to get them.
  • Sometimes the government can help you with a supply or money to buy these products.
Condom drainage

Talk to your health worker, nurse or doctor

Who can help?

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health service
  • Health workers
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • National Continence Helpline Freecall™ 1800 33 00 66
Talk about your problem
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This series of brochures has been developed by the Continence Foundation of Australia and funded under
the Australian Government’s National Continence Management Strategy.

Indigenous artwork created by Georgina Altona and Warwick Keen.
Other illustrations by JAT Illustrational and Fusebox Design.

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