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Help for people who care
for someone with bladder
or bowel problems


Incontinence is not generally a topic of social conversation. It is something that people do not like to admit to and become very adept at covering up. But it can affect anyone across the lifespan and for many reasons.

When I was asked to review the contents of this book and have the privilege of rewriting it I was delighted. To me, this is a strong step forward in helping people come to terms with living with incontinence.

I have a passion for engaging with people in the community to help develop management plans that work with their lifestyle and assist in improving their quality of life.

Incontinence is devastating to many and the concept of this booklet means that everyone has a starting place to open the floodgates and start talking about what the problem is and who can provide help.

For those of you in the caring role, help is available. The trick is knowing who to go to and what to ask for. I hope that this book provides you with the inspiration and courage to do so, as the effects of incontinence are underestimated by those that do not live with or experience life with this condition.

I recognise and celebrate the involvement of all those who collaborated with me on this booklet as they share my passion and feel, as do I, that the importance of shining a light in this taboo corner of the world cannot be too undersold.

I hope that this revised edition is as valuable to you as it has been for others over the years and that the journey forward will become a little clearer.

Norah Bostock
Advanced Clinical Practice Consultant: Continence
RDNS: Your Health and Learning
Adelaide July 2011